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    MS DW ROG 31-9 (Top)

    Reg#: 408250009

    MS DW ROG 31-6(Middle)

    Reg#: 408250006

    MS DW ROG 64-7 (Bottom)

    Reg#: 419074007

    All these sows are a great representation of our program and what we aim to achieve- raise and provide predictable genetics that have longevity and produce. These girls are big, long bodied rugged durable sows that are correct on their feed and legs.

    When we purchased Gigawatt in 2018 from Drakes Purebreds, I had high expectations and five years later, I am sure glad we did. We have numerous daughters and grand daughters in our herd that have performed in the farrowing house and produce hogs that perform and grow and having the meat quality to allow us to sell breeding stock to several niche markets. The base of our Duroc sows originate to seven Duroc females. The 31 litter sows are 7th parity females while 35 litter sows are 6th parity sows and the 64 litter sows are 4th parity females.
    Concentrating these sows to focus and build around has helped us stay consistent with our program and offer genetics that are predictable.
    Miss Turk 34-11

    Reg#: 591984011
    Milo X Monticeto

    Miss Turk 34-11 is 5th parity sow that is a perfect example of what we strive to do – build females with correct structure and design backed with generations of production records to validate their worth. Her mother and grandmother are pictured below-Miss Turk 5-6 and Miss Turk 18-8 and provide an impressive sow lineage. Read the 12-5 boar’s history on our website to understand the confidence we have in utilizing data with phenotypic appraisal when selecting the next generation of sows AND boars.

    In her previous four litters she has farrowed an average of 14.75 total born, 14.25 born live weaned 11.25 pigs per litter and her pigs averaged 15.5lbs at weaning. **Actual Data-Weaned @ average 26 days**

    Custom Access - She is an Elite Female that will be available to breed September. Call with questions and to find out more pricing details.
    Miss Turk 47-10

    Reg#: 589801010
    Razzle X Montecito

    Miss Turk 47-10 is a 6th parity female that is fun to show off. She is flexible, sound and has a great underline. Her littermate brother, Time is Now, pictured on our website was sold to a commercial operation to make replacement gilts. Two other littermate sisters all originate from the 18-8 sow pictured as well and provide a proven track record of consistency. Her picture speaks for itself.

    Reference Sows

    Miss Turk 5-6

    Reg#: 558306006
    4th Parity Sow

    Miss Turk 5-6 is 4th parity sow that is a daughter of the 18-8 sow pictured below. Like her mother she puts it all together and is living proof of what can be accomplished with a dedicated breeding program. She and 2 other littermates (5-7 and 5-5) are sows we continue to build around as they each rank within the top 25% of the Yorkshire breed on SPI and MLI numbers.
    Miss Turk 18-8

    M Unit One 12-5 X Mr. Obvious 29-1
    View Full Pedigree

    Miss Turk 18-8 is an 8th parity sow that is the foundation of our Yorkshire program. Putting females together that look like her while also having the sow productivity numbers to justify and measure that value is truly priceless. She holds an (SPI) of 121.7 ranking her in the top 5% of the Yorkshire breed. We continue to keep her daughters and granddaughters and hope she stays with us for a few more litters.

    Her sire M Unit One 12-5 is a boar that we sold in 2009 to a commercial operation where he stood for 5+ years generating over 1,000 daughters boasting an SPI that ranked him at one time in the top 5% of the Yorkshire breed. Furthermore, he ranked in the top 1% of the Yorkshire breed in litter weight EPD. Bottom line, his daughters have big strong healthy pigs and milk extremely well! Not only is this a huge benefit in the commercial industry, but also in today’s show pig operations where it’s extremely important to get pigs off to a solid start to get them ready for sale day. His daughters have and continue to do a phenomenal job in the farrowing house. He was a boar that not only phenotypically looked good, but made females that performed. M Unit One 12-5 was a boar that truly proved himself.
    MS ROG 24-8

    Reg#: 348076008
    NBD8 E 108-8 X STN7 Pillar 46-4

    Structural flexibility along with milking ability are two huge contributions this sow brings to the Duroc breed. She is pictured here fresh out of the farrowing house where she weaned 11pigs with a litter weaning weight of 150lbs. She is still in exceptional condition ready to breed back immediately. We have two littermates to her that are also built correctly and have the genetics in their pedigree to be around for a while. Her pedigree includes some of the “old school” genetics with two shots of the legendary Big Louie boar and a Fuel Filter grandson bred by Nelson Brothers that stood at North Iowa Boar Semen for over six years. Duroc sows built like her in a breed that is not known for its females have enormous value today.
    Miss Turk 28-7

    Reg#: 526235007
    Ace of Spades X Beefcake (7th Parity)

    Miss Turk 28-7 is a 7th parity Yorkshire sow that is long bodied, extended and flexible. If you want to add dimension and appetite which will translated into increased milk production, her offspring will do it. She is another proven example of what our breeding program strives for.
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