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    Custom Access


    Today's show pig enthusiast is always in search of the next best thing to give them the "er" or the "est" extra advantage. Structural flexibility is something often desired but difficult and takes time to construct. Three year old sows like 6-6 are a true blend of what using predictable purebred genetics can provide xbred show pig operations with consistent easy to keep females that are built correctly. We have three daughters available that we will look to service within the next month. Call to discuss how we can help infuse your operation with proven consistent females to utilize on those extreme crossbred boars.

    *** New Offering ***

    McCulloh Family Genetics is offering a unique service starting this summer called CUSTOM ACCESS. We want to provide others the ability to utilize ours females to build your own females. With CUSTOM ACCESS, utilize our sows with your sire of choice to make the genetics you can build upon.

    1. You select the sow within our herd to mate.

    2. You pick the semen from any boar you want to utilize.

    3. We’ll breed, feed and farrow.

    4. You select the offspring you want to take home and build upon.


    Sort through our females (sows and or gilts) and select from the following options:

    Elite Females - Top proven sows that have proven track record.

    Keeper Females - Sows and or gilts we select ourselves to keep and utilize

    Choice Females -Middle of the herd. Will generate but don’t have the track record established yet.

    Once female is selected, we provide breeding dates available to service- we will work with you as best we can to match your desired dates but sows will need to be grouped up to meet our farrowing schedule.

    You order and purchase semen shipped directly to us.

    Once sow/gilt is confirmed bred -$500 deposit ensures you have first selection from that litter and will be credited towards purchase once pigs are selected.

    All boars will be castrated unless specified. We reserve the right to maintain 1/3 interest in any or all intact purebred males sold as weanling pigs.

    Pigs will receive iron exceed, myco circo vaccine upon weaning. Additional vaccines post weaning.


    Call for pricing. We will provide an outline of details as each sow may be priced differently.

    1. Priced 30 days post weaning
    2. Priced as entire litter post weaning
    *Purebred litters will be registered upon request but new owner will be in charge of covering AI Certificate cost.

    This a as unique opportunity where we get to keep our sows while you get to pick the mating and need no extra sows or crates, all while gaining access to other genetics outside your operation.

    Call with questions and or please fill out information on CONTACT US page and let us know more specifics on your needs.
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