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Reg#: 396029005
Glen Rock X Megawatt

Gigawatt was the Drake entry and our pick of the Duroc boars at the 2018 National Barrow Show. His littermate, Grand Slam was purchased via their online sale this summer and is housed at Shipleys. Needless to say we were glad Darrell and Wade brought him to Austin, Minnesota. He is balanced, has muscle, yet is sound as a cat and looks better today than when we first bought him. Look for several of his sons this fall at the 2019 NBS!

Reg#: 619632001
Moontime 25-3 X Monticeto 2-1

Goliath is massive, raw and rugged Yorkshire boar. He is extremely sound, athletic and has a tremendous appetite. His sire, Moontime 25-3, is yet another herdsire Jerry Huffington has put together. Jerry has “stayed the course” with his breeding program and in a few short years put together some of best boars and females in the country and we continue to capitalize on his knowledge and skill using several of his boars the last few years. Goliath is not for everyone. If you want “moderate” cute fancy show pigs, look elsewhere. If you want to make females that have appetite, milk, farrow unassisted and are built correctly then use him with confidence. Goliath is a boar for those of you with a long term vision for the Yorkshire breed.
Time Is Now 47-2

Reg#: 589801002
Razzle Dazzle 8-2 X Montecito 2-1

Time Is Now 47-2 is the result of diligent and careful selection over the last few years. We have made it a priority to utilize our own boars we know have phenomenal mothers laid back in their pedigrees and work to build through these sows. I can use fancy words to describe him phenotypically but you can study his picture to see for yourself what he represents. However, his main value are the sows laid back in his pedigree. He has 2 shots of the old 18-8 sow, pictured above, who was around for 8 parities. His mother is a 5th parity sow who is a littermate to the 5-6 also pictured above, and his paternal grandma (6-14) is another sow that is due with her 6th litter. All of these females have contributed to our program and represent what we have worked to achieve. The Yorkshire breed is in need of some change with more focus and attention to the basics of raising pigs. Yorkshire sows are needed that are easy to farrow, milk and are sound. Time Is Now 47-2 is a huge step in that direction. Call for semen pricing and availability.
Oh So Good 29-1

Reg#: 374179001
HP Oh So Good 19-2 X NBD E 15 108-8

Here is a boar we are keeping sired by Howard Parrish's Oh So Good 19-2 boar that was Premier Sire at 2015 NBS. He was just a boar until he turned 3 months old and then he exploded. He has near perfect toe spacing and foot size with muscle and a long extended neck. We had several visitors offer to buy this boar but felt he had way to much to offer to part with him as he combines some old school proven genetics not to mention his mother is a 7th parity sow and a littermate to 24-8 pictured above. Semen available.
Razzle Dazzle 2-1

Reg#: 558007001
Razzle 62-10 X Spud Bar 9-1

This boar is exactly what we have been looking for to continue making Yorkshire females! Razzle Dazzle is a boar we purchased from Adam Conover at the WPX in June 2014. His littermate sold to SGI for $20,000. His pedigree includes the popular Rondo boar on the top side of his pedigree with two shots of the old Kodiak boar on the dam side. He is structurally sound, big footed with square toes, tall from the point his shoulder and dead level down his top. His mother brings a solid pedigree and production track record to the table as she farrowed 18 pigs in her first litter. He will be used a lot this fall on daughters and granddaughters of the 12-5 boar. We are excited to utilize this boar to continue creating Yorkshire females!
Kirby 53-2

Reg#: 567734002
Kirby 32-6 X Unit One 12-5

Kirby 53-2 and his littermate 53-3 (not shown as we couldn't get him pictured) are two sons of the 18-8 sow sired by a Kirby son we raised. They have 2 shots of Unit One in their pedigree so the growth and maternal genetics are deeply embedded in their pedigrees. Thanks to High Plains Pork for your purchase and repeat business.
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