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Our family run operation located in eastern Iowa consists of a Yorkshire and Duroc sow herd utilized to raise replacement gilts, boars and youth fair pigs.

We value and understand the time it takes and the patience required when putting together a pre- dictable sow herd where we can offer our genetics with utmost confidence to other breeders looking for consistent dependable results. We will continue to work hard to build our breeding program with these long-term goals in mind, not simply chasing the spotlight.

Thanks for taking time to review our program and we look forward to visiting.

-The McCullohs

Breeding Program

Producers today keep fewer sows around so “getting results” and making each breeding decision count, has never been more important. In today’s competitive show pig industry, show ring success drives many breeding decisions and therefore many look to utilize the latest most popular boars that fit today but may have limited value for that next generation of females to build upon.

We market bred gilts locally each month which gives us the ability to farrow year round and keep more numbers for selection. This allows us to keep sow production records on all our females to eliminate the guess work and create predictability. We have stayed focused on the future keeping sow longevity in mind and to select females accordingly.



Miss Turk 5-6 
4th Parity Sow
 Reg. # 558306006

Miss Turk 5-6 is 4th parity sow that is a daughter of the 18-8 sow pictured below. Like her mother she puts it all together and is living proof of what can be accomplished with a dedicated breeding program. She and 2 other littermates (5-7 and 5-5) are sows we continue to build around as they each rank within the top 25% of the Yorkshire breed on SPI and MLI numbers.   

Miss Turk 18-8
M Unit One 12-5 X Mr. Obvious 29-1
Miss Turk 18-8 is an 8th parity sow that is the foundation of our Yorkshire program. Putting females together that look like her while also having the sow productivity numbers to justify and measure that value is truly priceless. She holds an (SPI) of 121.7 ranking her in the top 5% of the Yorkshire breed. We continue to keep her daughters and granddaughters and hope she stays with us for a few more litters.

Click Here To View Pedigree

Her sire M Unit One 12-5 is a boar that we sold in 2009 to a commercial operation where he stood for 5+ years generating over 1,000 daughters boasting an SPI that ranked him at one time in the top 5% of the Yorkshire breed. Furthermore, he ranked in the top 1% of the Yorkshire breed in litter weight EPD. Bottom line, his daughters have big strong healthy pigs and milk extremely well! Not only is this a huge benefit in the commercial industry, but also in today’s show pig operations where it’s extremely important to get pigs off to a solid start to get them ready for sale day. His daughters have and continue to do a phenomenal job in the farrowing house. He was a boar that not only phenotypically looked good, but made females that performed. M Unit One 12-5 was a boar that truly proved himself.

MS ROG 24-8
NBD8 E 108-8 X STN7 Pillar 46-4
Registration # 348076008

Structural flexibility along with milking ability are two huge contributions this sow brings to the Duroc breed. She is pictured here fresh out of the farrowing house where she weaned 11pigs with a litter weaning weight of 150lbs. She is still in exceptional condition ready to breed back immediately. We have two littermates to her that are also built correctly and have the genetics in their pedigree to be around for a while. Her pedigree includes some of the “old school” genetics with two shots of the legendary Big Louie boar and a Fuel Filter grandson bred by Nelson Brothers that stood at North Iowa Boar Semen for over six years. Duroc sows built like her in a breed that is not known for its females have enormous value today.     

Miss Turk 28-7
Ace of Spades X Beefcake (7th Parity)
Registration # 526235007

Miss Turk 28-7 is a 7th parity Yorkshire sow that is long bodied, extended and flexible. If you want to add dimension and appetite which will translated into increased milk production, her offspring will do it. She is another proven example of what our breeding program strives for.



Time Is Now 47-2
Razzle Dazzle 8-2 X Montecito 2-1
Registration # 589801002

Time Is Now 47-2 is the result of diligent and careful selection over the last few years. We have made it a priority to utilize our own boars we know have phenomenal mothers laid back in their pedigrees and work to build through these sows. I can use fancy words to describe him phenotypically but you can study his picture to see for yourself what he represents. However, his main value are the sows laid back in his pedigree. He has 2 shots of the old 18-8 sow, pictured above, who was around for 8 parities. His mother is a 5th parity sow who is a littermate to the 5-6 also pictured above, and his paternal grandma (6-14) is another sow that is due with her 6th litter. All of these females have contributed to our program and represent what we have worked to achieve. The Yorkshire breed is in need of some change with more focus and attention to the basics of raising pigs. Yorkshire sows are needed that are easy to farrow, milk and are sound. Time Is Now 47-2 is a huge step in that direction. Call for semen pricing and availability.

Oh So Good 29-1
HP Oh So Good 19-2 X NBD E 15 108-8
Registration # 374179001

Here is a boar we are keeping sired by Howard Parrish's Oh So Good 19-2 boar that was Premier Sire at 2015 NBS. He was just a boar until he turned 3 months old and then he exploded. He has near perfect toe spacing and foot size with muscle and a long extended neck. We had several visitors offer to buy this boar but felt he had way to much to offer to part with him as he combines some old school proven genetics not to mention his mother is a 7th parity sow and a littermate to 24-8 pictured above. Semen available.

Oh So Good 28-2
HP Oh So Good 19-2 X Lotta Body 27-1
Registration # 374178002

Son of Howard Parrish's Oh So Good 19-2 boar that was Premier Sire at 2015 NBS. Thanks to North Iowa Semen for your purchase

Razzle Dazzle 2-1
Razzle 62-10  X  Spud Bar 9-1
Registration # 558007001

This boar is exactly what we have been looking for to continue making Yorkshire females!  Razzle Dazzle is a boar we purchased from Adam Conover at the WPX in June 2014. His littermate sold to SGI for $20,000.  His pedigree includes the popular Rondo boar on the top side of his pedigree with two shots of the old Kodiak boar on the dam side. He is structurally sound, big footed with square toes, tall from the point his shoulder and dead level down his top.  His mother brings a solid pedigree and production track record to the table as she farrowed 18 pigs in her first litter. He will be used a lot this fall on daughters and granddaughters of the 12-5 boar.  We are excited to utilize this boar to continue creating Yorkshire females!

Kirby 53-2
Kirby 32-6 X Unit One 12-5
Registration # 567734002

Kirby 53-2 and his littermate 53-3 (not shown as we couldn't get him pictured) are two sons of the 18-8 sow sired by a Kirby son we raised. They have 2 shots of Unit One in their pedigree so the growth and maternal genetics are deeply embedded in their pedigrees. Thanks to High Plains Pork for your purchase and repeat business.

HoLlister 28-2
Razzle Dazzle 2-1 X Unit One 12-5
Reg # 573063002
Son of 18-8 sired by the Razzle 2-1 Boar.  Thanks to SGI for your purchase!

Kirby 32-6
Kirby 81-2 X M Unit One 169-1
Registration # 558136006

32-6 is a boar that we kept that combines proven genetics from the Hilman Schroeder, Compart and Waldo firms. Kirby 81-2 on the top side goes back to KDU and King David while his mother is a Unit One granddaughter. If you can look past the poor photography skills, you will see a solid boar that has muscle and yet extremely flexible and sound. He has done an excellent job of continuing to pass along genetics that perform.     

For Sale

Select Yorkshire Boars and Gilts for sale, call for more information.

Need a new or different source of genetics for you program?  If you want to maintain structural soundness and flexibility while adding dimension, body capacity and appetite which will translate into increased milk production in your farrowing house, our genetics will do it.  Call for more details and availability.

Showring Success



Champion 4-H Derby Hog
Reserve Champion 4-H Derby Hog
Reserve Champion 4-H Derby Carcass
Champion Derby Pen of Three
Champion Derby Pen of Three Carcass

2016 Clinton County Fair
Congratulations Taylor Veach

Champion Open Derby Hog
Champion Derby Carcass Hog

2016 Clinton County Fair
Congratulations to Gavin Krukow



Grand Champion Barrow
2015 Clinton County Fair

Congratulations Paul Kuehn

2015 Clinton County Fair

Reserve Champion Mkt Gilt
- Clarissa Jacobsen
Champion Carcass Hog
- Brock Olson


Reserve Champion Gilt Overall Reserve Champion Middle Wt Gilt
2014 Delaware County Fair
Congratulations to Gabriela Guetzko!

Reserve Champion Carcass Open
2014 Clinton County Fair
Congratulations to Michael Mercuri!
Picture Provided of DeWitt Observer

Reserve Champion Open
2014 Clinton County Fair
Congratulations to Nic Reemstma!
Picture Provided of DeWitt Observer
Picture Provided of DeWitt Observer

Champion Rate of Gain 4-H
2014 Clinton County Fair
Congratulations to Blake Bloom!
Picture Provided of DeWitt Observer

2014 Johnson County Fair
Congratulations to Dylan Schrock

2014 Clinton County Fair

Champion Carcass Open
- Paul Kuehn                    
Res. Champion Carcass Open
- Michael Mercuri
Champion Rate of Gain 4-H
- Blake Bloom
Res. Champion Open
- Nic Reemstma
Champion Rate of Gain Open
- Paul Kuehn
Res. Champion 4-H
- Ira Kuehn
Res. Champion Duroc
-Lane Krukow

2014 Delaware County Fair

Res. Champion Middle Wt Barrow
- Devon Knachtman
Res. Champion Heavy Wt Gilt
- Gabriella Guetzko
Res. Champion Overall Gilt
- Gabriella Guetzko

2014 Johnson County Fair

Champion Production Hog
- Dylan Schrock
Champion Rate of Gain
- Dylan Schrock
Champion Carcass
- Dylan Schrock

Res. Champion Middle Wt Barrow
2013 Deleware County Fair
Congratulations to Devon Nachtman!

2013 Clinton County Fair

Champion Open
- Paul Kuehn
Champion Carcass Open
- Paul Kuehn
Champion Carcass 4-H
- Matt Burke

2013 Delaware County Fair

Res. Champion Barrow Overall
- Devon Nachtman
Champion Middle Weight Barrow
- Devon Nachtman
Champion Lean Gain Gilt
- Devon Nachtman
Champion Heavy Weight Barrow
- Greg Guetzko

2013 Jones County Fair
Champion Derby Gilt
- Chelsea Johnson
Champion Derby Barrow
- Chelsea Johnson
Champion Rate of Gain
- Chelsea Johnson